Things You Must Know Before Renting a Lawnmower

For many lawn enthusiasts, renting a lawnmower may be a far more reasonable option than purchasing one, especially when cost, storage space, or frequency of use are legitimate concerns. Still, there are several things that need to be considered before committing to even this non-committal solution to manicuring a lawn.

The Size of the Lawn and the Size of the Mower

Lawnmower rental does considerably open up funding, making it easy both to either get carried away and splurge on a large, tractor-style mower—even for a smaller, less work-intensive lawn—or to become overly thrifty, forking over only enough money to rent a push model, even when such a lawnmower is much too small and exhausting for the job it requires. An interested party should survey and evaluate their lawn before selecting the mower best suited to the particular job.

The Blade it Uses

Because the lawnmower is being rented, maintenance will be handled by the lawnmower rental company, so a prospective renter will not have to worry about sharpening, cleaning, or oiling their mower’s blade. Still, a renter should research and pay attention to the types of blades attached to the renting mowers, as the type of lawnmower blade is, quite possibly, the most important component affecting the quality and look of a cut lawn. There are mulching blades, standard medium lift blades and high lift blades. Most mowers come equipped with the standard medium lift blades, which are not the best option for renter expecting a perfectly even lawn or who plan to bag the clippings.

The Gas it Consumes

Most lawnmowers run simply on regular gas, which can be purchased from any gasoline station. For prospective renters who live close to a gas station and have ready access, this is a feasible option. However, certain older lawnmowers are equipped with a crankcase compression two-stroke engine for which the gas needs to be mixed in equal part with two-stroke motor oil. As such, renters should be wary of renting older models for efficiency’s sake.

The Health and Sensibilities of the Renter

Before mowing at all, and whether or not the user chooses a lawn mower rental, the user needs to be fully apprised of his or her potential health issues. Potential renters with asthma or allergies might favor a lawnmower that bags the clippings rather than mulches them or may even consider having someone mow the lawn for them. People with sensitivities to loud noises might favor more low-maintenance, push-heavy models, or ear plugs. Besides lawn size, there are several other factors that might lead a renter to select a tractor-like mower, which decreases lawn-mowing time and exertion considerably—which could be especially useful to renters in high-altitude areas, are frail, or have a strong sensitivity to the sun.

There are so many different factors that must be accounted for during lawnmower rental, surveying everything from the health of the lawn to the use of the lawnmower, and even to the peculiarities of the mower-rider.However, when properly factored in, awareness of these things can greatly ease any and all anxieties about the renting process.