Renting vs Buying

The price tag for a typical lawnmower can be up to a couple thousand dollars, making it a sizeable investment for anyone. The best way for a person to decide whether it is most feasible to purchase the mower or to simply rent it out is to consider all of the factors that are particular to the needs of the person’s particular lawn.

Short-term Need

Renting a lawnmower is sensible and cost-effective when the mower is only needed for a limited amount of time. In order to perform the maintenance of a rental property, for example, renting the lawnmower makes far more sense than purchasing it; it isbetter than investing in a lawn mower and then later on struggling to re-sell the used model. Whenever a prospective renter only needs the lawnmower for a short period, such as to re-touch a newly flipped house before selling or to manicure a vacation home’s lawn, renting is by far the smartest bet.

Limited Immediate Funding

Because lawnmowers are so expensive, it may be difficult to pay for a model upfront. While most large equipment retailers offer installment plans for merchandise, installments are not a good idea for people who have poor credit or sporadic means of income. Renting offers a person a significant amount of independence and control, which is especially useful for someone who does not have the financial freedom to commit to a lawnmower indefinitely.

Non-urgent Use

Certain species of grass simply grow faster than others, as does grass growing in rainy, temperate climates. However, low-growing grass in a drier climate would not need to be mowed nearly as urgently and as continuously, and is in fact relatively low-maintenance. Therefore, a lawnmower wouldn’t be as necessary. If a person only anticipates mowing his or her grass once every month or so, it may be a good idea for that person to rent out a mower whenever the need arises rather than purchasing one. An inactive lawnmower can lead to issues with rusting, build-up, and spoiled gasoline.

Limited Storage

Lawnmowers and other large-scale mechanical tools fare poorly if left outdoors. For these large, hulking things, it can be incredibly difficult to find suitable storage, especially in a smaller home. As such, renting is useful and relatively no-hassle, as a renter would not have to worry about configuring long-term storage options at their homes. In fact, several equipment rental companies deliver the models directly to the home and then pick them up at a time scheduled by the renter, simplifying the process even more considerably.

Limited Mechanical Skill

One of the benefits of a rented model is that, if the renter is struggling with operating the equipment, they will have an immediate backbone of mechanical support that will be able to offer guidance in the process. In addition, because the lawnmowers are rented, the task for monitoring engines, changing oil, topping of gasoline, and fixing failing parts. As such, a renter gets all of the benefits of using a mower without worrying about any of the upkeep.

Of course, if none of these factors are of any consideration to a would-be renter, buying a lawnmower might be the best option. However, it is always a good idea to “test drive” an appliance before committing to anything permanently.